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The History of the Red Round Barn

The Round Barn was built in 1880 and was used to house calves and feed.  In 1950 the land was purchased by George and Maja Adolfson.  George was a farm boy from Sweden and came to the US when he was young.  He was glad to be back on the farm again!

Their farm consisted mainly of dairy cows ranging from 25-50 milking cows and some crop land.  The large extension added to the barn was actually moved up here from Minneapolis by truck! They hired married couples to help manage the farm and they lived in a round house built on the property that was similar in shape to the barn.  George and Maja lived in the farm house with their 5 children, and Maja’s mother lived in a house across the driveway.

At one point, the Round Barn was used as an auction house for the cows. The current furnace room was referred to the “cow shower,” where they washed off the cows before they brought them in to auction them off.  Later, the barn was cleared out and Maja started selling antiques in the barn (while the floors were still dirt!).  It has continued on since then as a shop.

At one point, Maja had made it known to her husband and family she never wanted to leave the farm.  When it came time for her to need assisted living, the family decided to build something on the farm so she wouldn’t need to leave.  The family sponsored a “competition” for building a senior housing development. The construction firm George owned, Adolfson Peterson Construction (still running today, and some of the grandchildren are still with the company) built the Farmstead, leaving one piece of the farm erect as the inspiration for the architectural design.  Thus, the Round Barn is the last remaining piece of the farm.

The Barn has been in business as an antique and gift shop for over 30 years, with only four different owners. On November 7, 2015, the store reopened as the Round Barn Trading Company under the fourth owners Dennis and Julie Davis.